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Genghis Tron grind it out.

July 26, 2006
Here's what you need to know about Poughkeepsie's Genghis Tron (besides the fact that their band name rules). They scream rather than sing, they have an absolutely insane drummer (ok, it's actually a drum "machine" but why get picky), and they're really fucking loud. Sometimes, I'm really in the mood for this stuff, especially when I need to blow off some steam after screwing up my TPS reports. But they definitely aren't for everybody.

Put "core" at the end of any genre ("grind," "hard," "emo," ok, maybe not emo) if you must to classify Genghis Tron's music. This is a brutal band for fans of Gospel, The Locust, the old stuff on the Gravity, and those who enjoy migraine headaches.

Genghis Tron play Beat Kitchen, on Thursday, August 3rd.


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