The Black Angels bring back the bass - Oh My Rockness

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The Black Angels bring back the bass

July 12, 2006
The Black Angels' psychedelic rock 'n' roll is a natural fit alongside their current tour mates, Pink Mountaintops (see also: Black Mountain). The seven-member band from Austin (which includes someone who plays "the drone machine" and one guy who just does "projection"... trippy, man) also unabashedly invoke the spirit of The Velvet Underground (they named themselves after Nico) with their extended bass heavy hallucinations.

These guys very well could have been on the soundtrack to Easy Rider, and I'm willing to bet you'd really "dig" them if you smoked some "grass," "man," while listening to their tunes. This is straight up rock 'n' roll of the kind that our parents may remember jamming to.

The Black Angels play Empty Bottle, on Thursday, July 27th.


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