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Professor Murder are a bang bang band.

July 6, 2006
NYC's Professor Murder rocks the cowbells in a serious way. Their sound is self-described (very accurately) as "happy hardcore," and sure enough, I definitely feel good when this comes on my iTunes. The foursome mixes samples and synths with their riffs, but the cowbell is clearly the mighty weapon that keeps these melodies bouncing.

An extremely percussive band, it is obvious that Professor Murder will bang anything in sight. Maybe that's where the hardcore part of "happy hardcore" comes in? They've recently played shows with Oxford Collapse, The Apes, and Rahim, and have a mighty strong local following. So look out for these guys next time they take their dance party to a stage near you. And check out their brand new debut EP. These four songs slay!

Professor Murder play The Hideout, on Saturday, July 15th.


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