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Final Fantasy sings about sex with strings.

June 21, 2006
Final Fantasy is Canadian violinist/singer Owen Pallett, who you probably saw open for Arcade Fire a while back (he was also their "extra" member). Pallett's set stunned the crowd with something they'd never seen before, a dude using a sampler and some foot pedals to create crazy violin loops.

Pallet has said that the music he creates is all about sex and strings, and though Final Fantasy sort of started as a joke, there is no doubt that it's serious now. His upcoming album, He Poos Clouds (ok, maybe it's still kind of a joke), is already generating great acclaim, and while he isn't in Arcade Fire territory yet, he has already far surpassed his status as the "opening guy." Pallet takes formulaic chamber pop and turns it completely upside down, creating a sound that you never thought you would like this much.

Final Fantasy plays Lakeshore Theater, on Saturday, July 1st.


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