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Intonation Fest 2006.

June 21, 2006
It's Intonation Fest time yet again... this time sponsored by Vice instead of that other music website. There's nothing better than outdoor summer shows in Chicago no matter who's playing (hell, I once saw Poi Dog Pondering just to be outside), but thankfully the line-up this year is pretty decent. So let's get right to it with some highlights of who's playing the two-day sextravaganza.


The Streets - A socially conscious, working-class white rapper from Britain? Sounds god-awful, but surprisingly, Mike Skinner is the real deal. Combining hip-hop, house and jungle with a little garage credibility, Skinner throws down his rhymes cockney style over homemade beats produced from his laptop.

The Stills - They changed their singer, their sound, and their look. They're either evolving or jumping on bandwagons. Good thing their label is sponsoring this festival.

Jose Gonzales - Think a male version of Cat Power, if Cat Power were into flamenco, bossa nova, and tango.

*don't forget about Lady "don't call me M.I.A." Sovereign, Boredoms, Chromeo, 90 Day Men and Erase Errata.


Bloc Party - Block who? Never heard of them.

Annie - Wait a minute, I thought I listened to indie rock to get away from this kind of music? Somehow Norway's Annie and her definitely dance music has made the mythical "cross over" into indie rock land. Whatever & I just work here.

Constantines - The bar band to end all bar bands. These boisterous boys will blow you away...if you're drunk enough.

Panthers - Brooklyn super-group Panthers features members of Orchid, Turing Machine, and The Red Scare. Panthers earn their name by preying on the intolerant with their aggressive socially conscious worldview. Please don't hurt 'em, Panther!

*don't forget about Dead Prez, Robert "don't call me Bob" Pollard, Jon "don't call me Fiona" Brion, The Sword, and the dude who was in 5style.

Catch Intonation Fest at Union Park, Saturday, June 24th, and Sunday, June 25th.


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