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This Deafheaven show. Will be. No. Joke.

June 24, 2013
San Francisco’s Deafheaven is a duo that makes beautifully melodic and optimistically brutal black-metal (really). Their sssssscreams and riffffffffs and dddddrums will make your heart soar to a place only eagles dare fly. Bet you didn’t know black-metal could do all that. And now that I think of it, maybe it can’t. But Deafheaven does all that. So maybe they’re not black-metal. Maybe they’re happy hardcore. Or, pretty screamo or something. I don’t know. Who cares. Pick one. Genre tags are silly (and yet I use them all the time... and yet.... and yet...).

This band has been around since 2010 and are just now about to release their highly anticipated second album on Deathwish. Who’s highly anticipating it, you say? Good question. Well, people who liked their first album and/or saw them when they toured the world, I guess.

But enough with the words, words, words. Rather than describe the Deafheaven experience, how about you just blast this epic 9:15 minute “Dream House” track below and we’ll leave it at that? This way, you win and I win.

You win, because you’ll discover it’s a really great song to blast (and it’ll pump you up to go do something heroic - like finally getting around to replacing that stick of deodorant instead of convincing yourself the plastic part probably still has some of the wetness and odor reducing substance on there and it’s just invisible the naked eye, that’s all.)

And I win, because rather than write words, I too can blast this Deafheaven song and then simply stare off into space - dreaming of beautiful brutal black-metal (and of the day I am 100% stocked on all my daily toiletries... if it’s not the deodorant that needs replacing, it’s the razors or the pomade or the face moisturizer and that will be $74.45, please).

Deafheaven play Echoplex, on Friday, August 23rd.


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