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David Thomas Broughton's songs are like an unmarked grave.

June 8, 2006
England's David Thomas Broughton plays intimate psych-folk similar in style to Devendra Banhart, but with a voice very much like Antony's (of the Johnsons fame). Broughton sweetly and assuredly sings these moving songs bursting with heartbreak and hardships. But though thematically Broughton may focus on the painful (the title of his stunningly simple album, The Complete Guide to Insufficiency, says it all), his music does not make for a depressing listen.

Instead of inspiring sadness, these notes make the listener almost revel in the melancholy that they produce. Broughton embraces his insufficiencies, and so do we. I guess it's hard to explain, but when you hear his tenor sing out these mostly 8-minute songs, you'll know what I mean. The guy just wants to rest his bones forever more. (And if you like Broughton, you should check out the recently reissued 1973 Gary Higgins album, Red Hash for more really good sad-psych stuff).

David Thomas Broughton plays with Doveman at Subterranean, on Wednesday, June 15th.


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