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Psychic Twin: so good you just may wet yourself :(

June 10, 2013
Chicago’s Psychic Twin is a poppy synth band that was started by Erin Fein after the demise of her previously poppy synth band, Headlights. If the pop and synth ain’t broke - don’t fix it. That’s what I always say. I don’t quite remember when I always say that - but I’m sure I always do.

At first, Psychic Twin was Fein’s solo thing, but it now is a real life band that includes two other dudes. These dudes have names too - Brett Sanderson and Jonny Sommer. You’ll notice up above that I apparently couldn’t find a picture of all three of them. You’ll notice that I have failed you....again. OK. Now that we’ve got our names and facts and personal faults all sorted we can now move on to less boring things.

Psychic Twin make lush music that’s slightly dance-y and slightly psych-y and overall just sounds like a pleasant-y dream-y. This dream could involve your subconscious embarking on a gentle flight - soaring with the wind over deep green hills - gliding past slow moving waterfalls - which slowly spill out streams of warm water - and uh-oh - i think you just peed your pants.

OK. Forget that dream-y nonsense. Perhaps I should just call Psychic Twin’s synth-pop “ethereal” and leave it at that. Nobody who describes music as “ethereal” really know what that even means, but at least that term will keep your drawers dry.

Psychic Twin have a new 7” out on Polyvinyl (Japandroids + Owen + Wampire + Vivian Girls + lots more because c’mon guys, they been doing goodness for a long time). You might want to consider getting it. Because I find it to be rather good. I don’t recommend putting it on and then falling asleep to it, though. For that might make the next morning the morning you shall henceforth never recognize nor name. Your significant other might bring it up every now and then though.

(Remember: if they bring up your faults for your own mutual amusement - stick with ‘em. If they bring them up to shame you - ditch ‘em. That’s what I always say. I’m sure I always say that.)

Psychic Twin do not have any shows scheduled....yet....but save them using your MY ROCKNESS ACCOUNT and we'll let YOU know when they're playing Chicago... as soon as WE know. Cool? Cool.


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