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Pure Bathing Culture: easy....just take it easy.

May 27, 2013
Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture is Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman. They both are/were* in Vetiver (*feel free to look it up yourself if it’s that important to you). The duo makes pretty pop that plays smooth in the sunshine. Call it something chill.

These easy-peasy songs go well with those easy-peasy summer days that are courageous and true and fine. The kind Ernie Hem used to write about (when he wasn’t writing about blizzards and snow capped mountains). Those rare summer days presented to us under a flawless backdrop of brilliant blue for no real reason at all - just because the gods felt like throwing us all a bone.

This band goes well with those summer days you soak in. Those summer days you cloud watch. That one looks like an elephant! No. It’s an angel surfing! No. It’s just a visible mass of suspended particles also known as aerosols! (next time you’ll know not to bring Debbie Downer when you cloud watch)

Pure Bathing Culture’s luminous songs are the embers of a gentle campfire (fyi: we’ve switched to summer nights now) getting ready to cook some crisp graham crackers and soft marshmallows and sensible dark chocolate squares (dark chocolate is the kind that’s good for you so you can eat a shit ton of it all the time and nothing bad will ever happen it’s true wikipedia told me).

And while sitting comfortable near that gentle fire, listening to Pure Bathing Culture’s songs blend into the splendor of the night, you might extend your paper plate, and you might say in an easy but firm manner, “Yo! S’more me.” And at that moment, at that fine moment, you just might receive your well-deserved satori moment of resplendent peace. At the very least, you’re about to tear into a delicious treat.

(Please note: Pure Bathing Culture also sound good on the treadmill in the basement of the gym when it’s too rainy to run outside. But that fact didn’t fit the theme. Oh wells. Whatevs. No biggie. LOL. SMH. LMFALOLOMGFLSMAAZZZZZZ.)

Pure Bathing Culture play the Empty Bottle, on Tuesday, June 4th.


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