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Boris bruises.

May 12, 2006
Japan's Boris (whose name they took from a Melvins song) are one of the best doom-metal-drone acts you will ever hope to find. You can add their name to this short list that also includes Isis, Sunn 0))), and Envy. Boris play guitar-HEAVY mayhem, and also surprise by adding elements of My Bloody Valentine's shoegaze swirls to their feedback heavy rock outs. These guys cross genre boundaries.

Their most recent album, Pink, is getting all sorts of accolades, from rockers, popsters, punksters and metalheads alike. I mean, deep down who doesn't love thunder, adrenaline and sheer power. Boris' epic songs erupt with all of these things, but they also include some pretty strong melodies. Their live show will be mind-blowing... I guarantee it.

Boris play Logan Square Auditorium, on Friday, May 26th


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