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Hunters is a band that does the punk rock.

April 22, 2013
Brooklyn's Hunters are a post-thrash-garage-punk band (I dunno, guys) featuring the dueling yelps of Derek Watson on Isabel Almeida. These dirty, distorted guitar/bass/drums jams of mild destruction definitely recall those trashy days of Williamsburg, Brooklyn circa 2002 (this band would've been rolling with Liars and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at, I don't know, Luxx or somewhere.). Remember that era? It was back before the condos controlled Bedford and back when you could smoke in bars while drinking a 32 oz. container of beer for, like, three bucks or something. Those were good days.

So Hunters aren't reinventing any of rock's wheels with this familiar sound. But it's a good sound. It's a sound that makes me want to mix it up in a bout of joyful fisticuffs. So why not let this sound get another solid go-around? I mean, what is this sound supposed to do after retiring ten years ago anyway? How long can this sound sit in Florida and bide its time before a lonely 4:30pm dinner? That's not punk rock, guys!

If you missed that old Brooklyn scene filled with all those wonderfully filthy and superbly scummy bands - here it comes again, I guess. Get on the train this time. If you want to. If not, that's fine too. It's only rock 'n roll, bros.

Now who wants to go get a chicken slice at Anna Maria's and then go explore abandoned piers in the East River?

Hunters play with Bleached and Ex Cops, at Subterranean, on Saturday, April 27th.


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