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Cheatahs - solid shoegaze - made today.

March 25, 2013
Long live guitars like these! London's Cheatahs (yes, that's a sic - as in "I'm gonna sic you if you don't listen to their jam that I put below these words") are a super solid new band that tap into the gone-but-not-forgotten heyday of old school shoegaze.

Swervedriver circa "Raise" 1991 is definitely represented in Cheatah’s noisy guitar swirls. And also the pretty melodies of For Against - a forever good shoegaze band (formed in 1984) that never seem to get their due (but are still doing it - punk. rock.). And how about Ride at their "Twisterella" finest? To answer my own question, I hear that too (along with lots of other voices in my head... that... never... shut.... up).

If old band comparisons aren't your thing (quite understandable), Cheatahs could also do a tour with new-ish band Yuck, and I'm 99% confident no one would leave those shows saying, "Well, that was a weird pairing!" But Cheatahs aren't doing a tour with Yuck. As of this writing (January, 201... wait... this license plate says 1972 and OMG I just saw Moonlight Graham!) these guys are touring with Wavves. Huh. Who knew? You knew. That's who.

Can I throw out some other good old band comparisons - bands that aren't even shoegaze? I just feel like it today. Afghan Whigs, Sebadoh, Hum, and a less croaky J Mascis. OK. Thanks!

I can definitely see these Cheatahs guys going big time. And that's the highest compliment I know how to give (I'm emotionally stunted in the compliment department since the phantom voices in my head were my only childhood friends..... oh I KID I KID YOU. LOL. YOINKS. J to the K!) Not kidding about this band though. Big. Time.

Cheatahs play (with WAVVES + FIDLAR!) at The Smell, on Monday, April 22nd.


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