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Sky Ferreira - like, whatever.

March 18, 2013
LA's Sky Ferreira (who was apparently born in 1992 - but that can't be right) once counted Michael Jackson as a family friend. Who cares though. Because I once had a birthday party at McDonald's Playland and the real Ronald McDonald's real replacement's assistant ALMOST showed up so I'm not sweating it either.

But this band profile isn't about me and the shattered hopes and dreams of my childhood (we'll save that for our next buzzy band profile). This is about Sky Ferreira. Her vibe is kind of like if Fiona Apple were electro pop, or something or like that late Liz Phair period where she decided to go super glossy for some reason.

Sky Ferreira's got that soulful seductive thing going on that turn pop people into stars. But there are also some drum machines and synths involved. So... you know... electro Apple. Right? Anyway, she's going to be huge. If she's not already. She's not already, is she? I don't know. I just really like this "Everything is Embarrassing" video. I'm not exactly sure why a playground is involved, but hey, I'll give the director the benefit of the doubt.

Oh wait. One more thing. On Sky Ferreira's Twitter page - her profile simply reads "like,whatever."

Sky Ferreira and How to Dress Well plays Schubas, on Saturday, March 30th.


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