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The Orwells tear it up.

March 18, 2013
The Orwells are an up-and-coming (whatever that expression means anymore) band of five (just post) teenagers from Elmhurst ("where you always save more money"), Illinois - just outside of Chicago. West Suburbs: let me hear you! I said LET ME HEAR YOU!

These dudes crank up the sloppy garage classic soul rock 'n roll. It's dirty. It's scratchy. It's messy. It's boozy (albeit underage, I guess). And it's poppy as hell. It's hard to believe these guys are still in high school. There is some seriously mature craftsmanship going on here. But then again, I shouldn't be THAT surprised. I mean, Paul McCartney was 18 when The Beatles formed. And George Harrison was 17. So... I'm just saying, guys. I'm just saying.

The Orwells rock some rhythms most tight (not easy for ANY band of five). And the extended guitar solos soar when they need to soar. But mostly, this music is tightly contained - like a perfectly wrapped box of condensed aggression. And the lyrics are solid - like telling us to toss our bullets and hide our guns and help the children have some fun - relying on just the right amount of wryness. Geez. When I was in high school I wrote stuff like, "When I was at home. I felt so alone. So I called you on the phone. But you had already flown. Then my heart turned to stone." Wait. Maybe that was college.

Anyway, go see these guys play when you're in the mood to burn a few extra calories bopping your body around. Or, you could just stand there like a statue at their show, too. I don't care what you do. I just want you to give 'em a chance. Because they're all sorts of sweaty fun.


The Orwells play two shows this week: at The Observatory (with FIDLAR), on Thursday, September 19th, and at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, on Sunday, September 22nd.


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