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Kind of Like Spitting gives Sufjan a run for his money.

May 3, 2006
Although Oregon's Kind of Like Spitting have released over half a dozen albums since 2000, the one constant has been main singer/songwriter man, Ben Barnett. So Kind of Like Spitting is really Kind of Like a Solo Thing. Barnett's personal and lyrical songs have been compared to everyone from Elliott Smith, to Bob Pollard, to Conor Oberst.

Barnett has a ridiculously large rotating cast of musicians (and you thought Doug Martsch was bad) with seemingly unlimited access to guest guitarists, string players, woodwind players and whoever else wants to join in on his albums (whoever else includes guys from Death Cab For Cutie and The Thermals). This guy is prolific like Sufjan. In fact, if those two ever decided to team up, look out! Together, they could cover the 50 states in no time.

Kind of Like Spitting plays 2 shows on Thursday, May 11th. One at Beat Kitchen, the other at South Union Arts.


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