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Elefant and Sound Team bring their swirls to Metro.

May 3, 2006
Eclectic dream-pop group, Elefant, play lush, atmospheric music with completely catchy melodies. Led by Argentina/Detroit/NYC native Diego Garcia, Elefant's music swirls around stylized synth beats and Garcia's warm, almost goth-like vocals.

There have been the obligatory comparisons with Elefant and The Strokes and Interpol. And while Elefant may have some of the guitar hooks of The Strokes and some of the gloom of Interpol, they really have more in common with bands like The Cure and Swervedriver. This is more brit-pop than brit-new wave. And while they won't shatter the world with a revolutionary, new sound, this band will at least make you hum a bit.

Also playing is Austin's Sound Team, a band hand picked by The Arcade Fire to open for them at their sold-out Central Park Summerstage show in NYC. Their retro psych-folk-alt-country with a heavy keyboard kick has been likened to everyone from Modest Mouse, Blonde Redhead, and old tour mates The Walkmen, to Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and Krafwerk. Phew!

Like Elefant, there's something kind of haunting about Sound Team's sound, as they often use creepy chimes and ominous feedback-induced walls of sound as a foundation for their songs. However, just when you think you've had it with the doom and gloom, four-part vocal harmonies and snappy percussion arise to lift the listener's spirits.

If you want spooky and seductive, see this show.

Elefant and Sound Team play The Metro, on Tuesday, May 9thth


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