Bell Orchestre play serene, cinematic sounds. - Oh My Rockness

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Bell Orchestre play serene, cinematic sounds.

April 26, 2006
Montreal's Bell Orchestre is a five-piece instrumental band led by Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Perry. The recent Rough Trade signees are influenced by a wide-range of vocal-less artists such as Aphex Twin, Rachel's and Kronos Quartet, but they also incorporate a cinematic sound similar to Godspeed and Explosions in the Sky.

Their aural grandeur is achieved through bells, horns, drums, stethoscopes (!?), and various programmed samples. Bell Orchestre know when to be loud, and when to be serene, with Sarah Neufeld's (also of Arcade Fire) transcendent violin leading the way. Post-rock... chamber-pop... experimental whatever-rock... Bell Orchestre simply play sweeping, splendid songs that are meant to be experienced. Oh, and they don't sound anything like Arcade Fire... sorry.

Bell Orchestre play Logan Square Auditorium, on Friday, May 5th


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