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Pinback dishes out pretty geek love

April 19, 2006
Everyone loves San Diego's Pinback (especially the ladies for some reason -- I doubt this is due to their looks). Rob Crow (ex-Heavy Vegetable, Thingy, Goblin Cock, Ex-Boyfriends, and&holy shit, how many bands has this guy been in!?!) and Armistead (Zach) Burwell Smith IV (ex-Three Mile Pilot, Systems Officer) have established themselves as the Kings of Eccentro-Pop.

Pinback's music is rooted, first and foremost, in melody. Whatever oft-kilter, discordant direction their four-minute songs take, that sweeping pretty melody never dissipates. This is swirling, lush music with abundance of delicate harmonies and a little bit of computer geek love. This is nerd rock without the irony.

A special note of warning: Pinback play looooong sets, and I'm talking Doctor Zhivago long (you know, that hip, hot new movie that all the kids are watching these days...). So be sure to stay off your feet for a few days in preparation for this show. The last thing we want is for someone to pull a Tim Duncan and get plantar fasciitis out there.

Pinback play Logan Square Auditorium, on Sunday, April 30th.


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