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King Dude: everyone's favorite singer/songwrtiter/satanist.

November 26, 2012
Think of an acoustic country troubadour standing in the middle of a deserted crossroads, politely asking the Devil if he wants his soul and in exchange for... well.... nothing. The Devil can just have it. That could be what happened to King Dude (note: it's also the slightly modified plotline of 1986 box office flop "Crossroads" starring a young Ralph Macchio trying to escape his "Karate Kid" success).

King Dude is Seattle's TJ Cowgill. He also sings in evil-core band (full disclosure: think I just made that genre up but I don't care), Book of the Black Earth, and runs the site, Actual Pain (the go-to online store for all of your Occult-ing needs). So yeah, this Dude goes pretty dark. But it's weird too, man.

Is witch-folk a term yet? I mean, if evil-core can be a term - why can't witch-folk? And anyway, hyphens are a neat trick to help to define all sounds. Even the indefinable sound a dude like King Dude is rocking. This is a man who sounds like Johnny Cash if he had a post-Demon Possession phase.

But why am I telling you all this. I could've just told you that one of King Dude's songs is called "Lucifer's The Light of The World" and the chorus goes, "Lucifer's the light of the world." And then you'd be like, "OK. Got it, Rockness." Anyway, it's very strange. Never thought I'd listen to a singer-songwriter-Satanist.

King Dude plays Empty Bottle, on Wednesday, December 12th.


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