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Voxtrot rock good naturedness.

April 5, 2006
Is there a catchier band right now than Austin's Voxtrot? This band is seriously about to blow up. We recently caught them at SXSW and it was amazing how many people were going agape ape shit for their good-hearted twee. We're talking bobbing, tapping, smiling, singing, and just kind of an all-around love fest for these five strapping guys. I guess cheerfulness is cool again. Plus, the ladies all seem to really like them.

Voxtrot is giddy, energetic music that's undeniably POP and just kind of fun. You're not going to find much aggressive distortion and angular chords here. More like, happy strum happy strum, happy strum. And because singer Ramesh Srivastava has a heady Lit degree, he can actually write lyrics that are more than just "1-2-3-4!" (Why do I always have to pick on The Go! Team?). Voxtrot are more than just radio friendly, they're radio seducers. Think a sweeter Strokes or a less depressed Morrissey meets the early 1960's sock hop your parents didn't get asked to.

Voxtrot is a welcomed break from all the indie angst. I like to pine and whine just as much as the next guy, but I also like music that makes is easier for me to get through my Monday. Put Voxtrot on and maybe that spreadsheet won't stress you out so much, and it'll probably be easier to deal with the water cooler crapping out. But if you are still listening to Voxtrot's positive vibes by Wednesday... well... your stress shall return. Take this in small doses and you'll be a-ok.

The Boy Least play The Empty Bottle, Saturday, April 15th.


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