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Black Marble - darkly sparsely awesomely...truly madly deeply.

November 19, 2012
Black Marble is a new, good and gloomy band from Brooklyn that features Ty Kube of Team Robespierre (loved those guys). This is dark and sparse spacey-synth-wave that highlights the void of... well, everything. Is that called coldwave? Kids and their genres today, I tell ya.

So yeah, veering towards the doom side of the musical spectrum, Black Marble is not exactly the type of electro band that'll "get this party started" like Team Robespierre was. But then again, life isn't a party all the time, right? Sometimes life can be a bum-out. Hey, you heard that here first. I should be a life coach.

Anyway, Black Marble's haunting pop hypnosis reminds me of another new favorite band, Trust. If you like Trust, I'm betting you'll like Black Marble. And if you like good music, you'll like Black Marble, too. Because Black Marble is a good band that makes good music. See how that works?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sit in the corner and try to wrap my head around the meaning of life having no meaning... and I'll do so by blasting Black Marble.

Black Marble play The Burlington, on Tuesday, December 4th.


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