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The Magician: let's dance.

October 29, 2012
I'm telling you, guys. The Magician's Soundcloud page has saved my ass on SEVERAL occasions. You see, not to get too technical but I've got an "external hard drive" that houses all of my music in "mp3" form. And sometimes when I'm at a "coffee shop," I forget to bring this "external hard drive" and I get panicky because something like Sarah Mclachlan's "Surfacing" is usually being played over the PA.

Then I remember that The Magician has hours upon hours of big time dance jams streaming on his Soundcloud page; one click away. Seriously, you could press play on that page and be set all the way until next Thursday. But this isn't a commercial for Soundcloud. Who cares, Rockness.

The most important thing to know is that if you like exceptional electronic music, you're going to like The Magician's jams. Shockingly, The Magician is not this guy's given name. Nope, The Magician is Belgian based DJ/producer/programmer Stephen Fasano. Maybe his friends call him Steve, I don't know.

Prior to making magic, he led that disco loving band Aeroplane. So if you liked them, you'll like this. Similar vibe. Using some synths and lots and lots of machines Fasano makes... well... dance music. That's all this is. This is dance music. And I don't know about you, but there's nothing I would rather listen to at a coffee shop that's blasting "Surfacing."

The Magician plays The Mid, on Friday, November 2nd.


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