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Roomrunner - oh, so guitars AREN'T dead!

October 29, 2012
You know what band ruled that never 100% got their nationwide due? Baltimore's Double Dagger. They hit it hard (I would've loved to see a Double Dagger and Japandroids tour). So yeah, I was bummed when that band called it quits.

But DD drummer Denny Bowen has a new band that hits it hard, too. That band is Roomrunner. And this sludgy lo-fi punk rock is SICK. This furious band of four (in the studio Bowen plays all the instruments himself) reminds me a little bit of a slightly more accessible Lightning Bolt meets a less accessible Nirvana.

Roomrunner themselves say they're "Foo Fighters covering U.S. Maple." That's a great call. They must know their own music better than I do. Imagine that. So basically, if you want to go see a band that just really "rocks out" (there's no way to say that without sounding cheesy, but sometimes those are just the right two words... sometimes they're the right two words, guys) then you should go see Roomrunner.

In closing, it's never too late to get into a band, still together or not. So if you missed Double Dagger - you can still get into them by blasting them from your speakers STAT. Not the same as seeing them live, but it will still make you "rock out" pretty good.

Roomrunner plays The Empty Bottle with Marnie Stern, on Wednesday, April 17th.


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