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Disclosure - their beats go boom and you bust your move.

October 22, 2012
London's Disclosure are a dance-dub-house duo comprised of teenage brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence. Man, when I was a teenager I'm pretty sure my brother and I were still playing one-on-one Nerf basketball on the plastic hoop hung from a door jam. Oh well. At least I was amazing raining down threes with a foam ball and a hand in my face.

Anyway, Disclosure bring throbbing bass jams that will get your blood kicking. It's a little stutter step glitchy at times, but mostly these songs are straight-up dance jams designed to get your body to feel the seductive rhythms of your soul..... or something.

Disclosure is recommended for people who like, well, dance music. If you're not into beats, this ain't gonna be your thing my friend. You'll probably also appreciate Disclosure if you like similar sounding up-and-comers like Rustie and Sepalcure and Howse.... or maybe if you want to like Burial but wish Burial wasn't so boring (sorry, Burial.)

These teenage bros definitely know how to get down. I'll give them that. But can they do a blindfolded windmill dunk from the confines of their bedroom? That's what I really want to know.

Disclosure plays Schubas, on Sunday, October 28th.


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