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Alt-J - it's like a keyboard command, man.

September 17, 2012
Alt-J (the Mac command to get the "Delta" sign that's really their name. Get it? Me neither...) is an eccentro-pop band that's, well, kind of weird I guess (instead of a cymbal the drummer uses a saucepan... now THAT'S zany!). But they're wacky in that completely melodic way that the radio really likes. Call Alt-J "safely strange" then.

Supposedly, the four members of Alt-J are from Cambridge (the English one, guys - not everything REVOLVES AROUND THE EAST COAST OF THE UNITED STATES!). But Alt-J has a sound that could easily fit in with that glossy pop thing that exists in parts of the LA music scene. You know that glossy pop thing I mean. I know you do (however if you're wearing a fedora right now, I don't expect you to get it).

On a related note, Alt-J should consider touring with LA's Milo Greene... and maybe that other LA band, American Royalty. You're welcome, booking agents everywhere.

Anyway, Alt-J is probably going to be famous. They just have that famous sound. At the very least, I hear many commercials in their future. After all, every good marketer knows that singable wackiness helps sell cars and jeans and tablets.

Alt-J play Empty Bottle, on Friday, September 21st.


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