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Poolside make you go ahhhhhhhh.

September 10, 2012
Poolside is an LA duo comprised of Filip Nikolic (he's originally from Denmark... just thought you should know) and Jeffrey Paradise (and if that's Jeffrey’s real last name I just don't know what to do). This is exceptionally sunny synth-disco-pop. And of course it is, Rockness! The dudes go by Poolside! (I often have arguments with myself... it's no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy).

You're going to like Poolside's jams if you like any of the following: a.) happiness b.) lights c.) parties where things just "click" and everyone is having fun d.) drinking during the day e.) the smell of gasoline f.) friends you can rely on g.) swimming h.) Lit i.) good vibrations j.) just being yourself. Man, it's a bummer the alphabet stops at the letter J because I could go on and on and on for like at LEAST 16 more letters.

Poolside is a very likable band. I feel like both you and I are better people because they exist. Things will get better. And who knows, maybe I'll even stop sleeping with my clothes on ("Please tell me! Please tell me whyyyyyyy!").

(*I'm not sure where all the Lit "My Own Worst Enemy" song references came from. I sincerely apologize. Profusely.)

Poolside plays the Bottom Lounge, on Thursday, October 18th.


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