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TEEN is a good band. Just thought you should know.

September 10, 2012
Brooklyn's TEEN is a quartet of ladies led by Teeny Lieberson (formerly of Here We Go Magic) and features her two sisters (Katherine and Lizzie) and Jane Herships (who also makes music under the Spider moniker). The pop they make tends to bend to the psych end of things in that hazy, swirly way. But unlike lots of that hazy, swirly psych which sounds like music made by the depressed for the depressed, TEEN's psych often swirls a little to the bright. Basically that means TEEN won't be bringing you down anytime soon. I'm all for that.

TEEN are just getting revved up and they’re out and about playing shows. So you should go see them. I mean, they’re not just doing it for themselves up there, ya know? TEEN don't have a full-length album out yet, but they have released a few songs (and a really cool video) on the interwebs which you can check out.

They're all solid but I prefer the song "Electric." Because I'm 85% sure Teeny Lieberson is calling out my name throughout that jam (it's either "Patrick" or "hat trick"). I've got to wait until they get big enough to get added to those spammy lyrics searching sites before I know 100%. And boy, let me tell you.... that's going to be one long wait. TEEN are a good band. Did I mention that?

TEEN plays Township, on Tuesday, February 19th.


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