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Milo Greene: harmonious pop that's too good to be kept in some kind of buzz bin.

August 28, 2012
L.A.'s Milo Greene (a band, not a person - and I'll save you some time - the story behind their name isn't that interesting even though everyone is mentioning it) do pretty harmonies over shimmering guitars. It's dramatic, well-produced pop that's got a slight alt-country vibe to it. Imagine Band of Horses meets Explosions in the Sky.

That's sort of the best way to describe this band's situation. Or, maybe Crosby, Stills and Nash meets Godspeed! You Black Emperor. Not exactly on that last one, but you know what I'm saying. I know you do. Because we're pals at this point, right?

This band also sounds very much like a band that's from Los Angeles in 2012 - their pop comes with that polished sheen (see People, Foster The). Yes. Yes. Yes. Before you protest. I get it. Not all L.A. bands have that sheen. Maybe that sheen is just what pop is. I'll have to think about it some more, but for right now I'm sticking with it being an L.A. thing.

Also this - Milo Greene are going to be REALLY popular. It's just going to happen. Their sound is what's huge right now. So go place your bets in Vegas before it's too late. There's a counter near the back of the Mirage where you can bet on buzz bands. Probably.

Milo Greene plays Lincoln Hall, on Friday, November 2nd.


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