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The Men and Their Guitars.

July 9, 2012
And you said rock 'n roll is dead. (Actually, I have no idea if you said that. I just wanted to say that you said that so I could then say "But no! Brooklyn's The Men have come along to prove that rock 'n roll exists and it's bigger, badder and better than ever!" That's a great line, right? I'd hate to lose it. So if you don’t mind, could you please play along and say "Rock 'n roll is dead!" on the count of three? Ready. One-two-THREE!)

But no! Brooklyn's The Men (not to be confused with ex-Le Tigre band, MEN) have come along to prove that rock 'n roll exists and it's bigger, badder and better than ever! These dudes are a noisy, guitar band that just plain rock out -- pure and simple (but not that simple, because rocking out well is harder than you think... just ask the millions of terrible bands that have tried).

There are no synths at work here, no samples or loops, and the only beats come from the drums being hit REALLY hard (by a real live human). The Men make music to booze to, not to brood to. They're the band you want to take your potential significant other to see when you want them to think you just might ride a motorcycle in your spare time (spoiler alert: you don't... but it's fun for them to think you do).

Think badass rock along the lines of The Replacements and Sonic Youth and Japandroids. Those bands aren't for busters; and neither are The Men.

And you said rock 'n roll was dead. Wow, what a dumb thing to say. (Sorry! I just had to use that last line, too. Thanks for playing along! I'll get you back; promise.)

The Men - Open Your Heart by Cargo_Promo

The Men play Empty Bottle, on Saturday, July 14th, and at Pitchfork Fest at Union Park, on Sunday, July 15th


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