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Love is All shall never sleep.

March 8, 2006
Sure, they may be tired from a long weekend of SXSW antics, but Love is All have so much verve, they make a rushed overnight trek from Austin to Chicago just to rock out for you! After all, they can sleep when they get back to Scandinavia. Opening is Cause Co-Motion!, a band so peppy they have an exclamation point at the end of their name. Somewhere, Thunderbirds Are Now! are smiling.

Sweden's Love is All is a festive band that delightfully riffs their way through catchy choruses. A buzz is building in response to their recent tour, but the real groundwork was formed a while back when the late great John Peel counted himself as a fan. If that guy was in your corner, you were golden. These four guys and one woman (she sings) play post-punk that prefers "fun" and "jangly" over "angst" and "gloomy." Of course you probably already know that, considering the name they chose for their band. What I hear most when listening to Love is All is The Wedding Present's strums crossed with The Go! Team's affirmative temperament. Love is All's music defies these cynical times, making them the most optimistic of rebels.

NYC jangly pop quartet Cause Co-Motion! are an extremely charming band that prefer a choppy, clean guitar sound to anything distorted. Although these guys have been around in various incarnations since 2002, they've seemed to finally be making a push to take it to the next level. They recently released a fantastic EP (produced by the guy in The Rogers Sisters) on the better-by-the-hour NYC label What's Your Rupture? (Love is All, Comet Gain, The Long Blondes), and been generating much love for their entirely energetic live shows. Cause Co-Motion! make frantic guitar rock sound just so pleasant. These guys have the goods to stick around for a while.

Love is All and Cause Co-Motion play Empty Bottle, Sunday, March 19th


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