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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs survive the scene.

February 22, 2006
Oh man, I've sure got a date with the night... three of them, actually. This week, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are playing three show show shows! The once-diaper dandies are back, baby!

The NYC band that many probably expected to fade away to post-hipster heaven (or hell, depending on how you look at it), with the likes of Longwave and Stellastarr*, have beaten the odds and still manage rock out with relevancy, even after all these years. Back in 2000, the trio with the cool clothes were something different, something exciting, and most importantly, something new. We were just dying for a band like this to come along to revitalize the city's stagnant scene... you can only go so far with Sonic Youth. I guess we should have been careful what we wished for, as bad Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Interpol clones still run amok in our streets. This band definitely started something.

Pre-YYY's, did you ever really think a guitar could sound like Nick Zinner's? Did you ever imagine that one woman would single-handedly make it cool to be an onstage performer again (her karate kicks screamed Freddie Mercury and her leather pants groaned Warrant, but somehow she pulled it off). Who knew you would actually know the name of another indie band's drummer (YYY's Brian Chase) besides the dude from Don Caballero? This fearsome threesome (now a foursome) set trends and were a breath of cigarette-stale air, back when you could smoke at shows, a half dozen years ago.

Times and trends have changed, and so have the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But the songs I've heard off their upcoming album, Show Your Bones, show they can definitely still bring it hard. We all may be a little older, and while Karen O's karate kicks won't stop due to arthritis just yet, it's nice to know that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have matured and grown far beyond their initial buzz. They are no longer a band of the "moment" that you rush out to see so you can say you were there. Nope, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are now just a band you rush out to see because you know you'll still see something special. I fully expect them to do the same in 2012.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs play Logan Square Auditorium, Monday, February 27th.


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