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Voxtrot are contagious.

February 15, 2006
Voxtro are from Austin, but they play pleasant power-pop that sounds like it came from Texas via the U.K. These seven guys and girls are all about jangly guitar rock and contagious melodies. They throw in a bit of affected U.K. bravado and vibrato just for good measure. Think The Futureheads and Bloc Party meets Belle & Sebastian and The Smiths and, well, you'll get what they're all about.

Voxtrot's songs strongly encourage heads to bop and souls to sing along. Their rhythms very much prefer bounciness to aggression, as there doesn't seem to be a cynical bone in their bodies. Sugary stuff to be sure, but thankfully they don't tread into cheesy land. I'll take sweets over dairy any day.

Voxtrot plays Beat Kitchen, Friday, February 24th.


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