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The Chain Gang of 1974 get you right on up.

February 27, 2012
The Chain Gang of 1974 is the completely accessible electro-pop project of Kamtin Mohager of Denver (by way of Hawaii... wow, tough move). I mean, REALLY accessible. If you were to put this on while in the company of your grandma, she just may pause from that crossword puzzle to raise an eyebrow and ask, "Who's this?" Or she might not even notice it or you. But whatever.

These are pretty fantastic dance songs with car commercials in their future. The Chain Gang of 1974 (still too young for an acceptable band name abbreviation... CG1974 sounds like the calculator that DFA1979 would use) can be compared in sound to LCD Soundsystem (the beats) and Cold Cave (the synths) and Passion Pit (really, only when he goes falsetto though) and any of those old New Wave bands that sometimes got all goth on you.

This band will make you feel "up" instead of "down" and "happy" instead of "death is everywhere for all of us forever." But I digress; I should go call my Grandma. But I better go pick up The Chain Gang of 1974's debut Wayward Fire on vinyl for her first. She likes doing crosswords while listening to wax.

Chain Gang of 1974 - Matter of Time by PitchPerfectPR

The Chain Gang of 1974 play Make Music Pasadena (FREE!) on Saturday, June 16th.


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