Comparisons do not come easily for a band like Ava Luna. - Oh My Rockness

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Comparisons do not come easily for a band like Ava Luna.

February 6, 2012
Imagine sludge rock mixed with pretty male/female harmonies and then throw in some punk and a heavy dose of soul. I think your imagination would conjure up something very close to the sound of Ava Luna. This band uses a bass (lots of bass in this band... that's where things get nice and sludgy), synth/keys, drums, and four part vocal harmonies to create something similar to, well, what I just outlined above.

I've never really heard anything like this, to be slightly sure. Sometimes Ava Luna hits hard and overall just kind of rocks out, and at other times they're like a stop-start doo-wop group that could also moonlight as cast members in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Maybe. You know what; maybe I should just stop trying.

But, no. No! That's the wrong attitude. I must push forward in describing this eclectic sound. Well, here's what I know. I know that Ava Luna makes me want to both "dance with my face" (that's what we call head-banging in our household) and kick like a Rockette. Er, Rocketter. Whatever the male version of Rockette is. How's that? Ava Luna is a chorus line head bang. Boom. Nailed it. They're currently touring with Twin Sister, btw. We like that band, too.

Ava Luna play Empty Bottle, on Friday, February 17th.


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