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Catfish Haven's croonings, longings, and liquorings

January 25, 2006
Think My Morning Jacket meets Lucero. Chicago's Catfish Haven have been mighty busy the last couple years, touring with bands like Kings of Leon, The Hold Steady, Calla and Songs: Ohia to name but a few.

Taking their name from the trailer park in Missouri where singer George Hunter grew up, the trio plays upbeat, twangy songs (and at least one of them is about being hung over) powered by Hunter's plugged in and turned up acoustic guitar. They recently released an EP on Secretly Canadian full of croonings, longings and liquorings. I guess it's not cool to call people alt-rock anymore, but if you like alt-rock, you will like Catfish Haven.

Catfish Haven plays Subterranean, Saturday, February 4th.


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