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Star Slinger: the one-man hit maker....wreck-a-check-CHECK.

October 24, 2011
Star Slinger is a UK beat dude/remix ruler named Darren Williams (not to be confused with Deron Williams, who rules too). Star Slinger stands behind a bunch of machines and makes some of the most slamming electro-dance jams you'll hear all year (depending on what year you read this).

Star Slinger makes madly eccentric samples and mash-ups that work in tandem to get your body moving, especially if your body responds particularly well to the rhythms that go BASS.

These are jams to put on when you want to get up. If you want to get all low, go listen to Low or something. As of this writing, Star Slinger is about to do a bunch of dates with Baths and Braids (both also rule).

So yeah, if I had a party, I would play Star Slinger. And then I'd cry that I was the only one at my party and I was listening to dance music by myself. Then I'd probably just turn on the Illini basketball game and cry myself to sleep.

Star Slinger is for fans of Teengirl Fantasy + Pictureplane + Gold Panda. Boom.

Star Slinger plays Lincoln Hall, on Friday, November 4th.


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