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Low, one of slo-core's pioneer bands, return to Chicago.

January 19, 2006
Duluth's Low seem to provoke one of two reactions. Either you can't get enough of them, or you just can't stand them. The trio play haunting music at best and boring music at worst (Oh My Rockness' programmer memorized the alphabet backwards at one of their shows.) It depends on whom you ask. Their hardcore fans would walk 500 miles to see them play, but everyone else would rather walk 500 miles than see them play.

Low play slow songs... really, really slow songs. They have been called "slo-core" but I'm still trying to figure out where the "core" part fits in. Anyone remember that band Codeine (named the drug that puts you to sleep)? Low makes Codeine sound like Lightning Bolt. They are so slow they make Tarkovsky look like Bruckheimer. They make molasses look like Mighty Mouse. They make...ok, enough of that.

Since Low is primarily composed of the husband and wife team of guitarist/vocalist Alan Sparhawk and drummer/vocalist Mimi Parker, it's fun to imagine how the couple reacts to the inevitable marital strife. Somehow I don't think they are the shouting, slamming doors type. Low's songs are long, they are oftentimes very dark, and to hear the vocals you have to turn your speakers up to 11. If slow is your thing, they do it well. If it's not, stay away from this band. You'll put them on, promptly fall asleep, and wake up to find one of their fans put your hand in a bucket of warm water.

Low play with His Name is Alive @ Logan Square Auditorium, Friday, January 27th.


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