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Com Truise: the soundtrack to Jesus of Montreal 2?

October 10, 2011
Com Truise (who I can totally see getting sued by a certain actor with a similar name) is the electro-pop project of Princeton, NJ's Seth Haley. It's great stuff too. Using some machines to make synths which go over the beats, Com Truise makes accessible songs for fans of 1985. And who isn't a fan of that year? I mean, that's when Back to the Future came out. But you knew that already.

This music is very video game-y and reminds one of neon and light sabers. It's what you want to listen to you as you take off in your airship to destroy the evil Princess StarSpear. It also sounds like it could be the soundtrack to the movie Highlander (of course, that was Queen but, you know what I mean) or maybe even that movie Jesus of Montreal (anyone? anyone?).

The more I think about it, the more I think Tom Cruise probably WILL sue, because Com Truise's music doesn't remind anyone of the movies Tom Cruise was in in the '80s. Top Gun, this is not. Perhaps Labyrinth though. And oh yeah...Aphex Twin.

Com Truise's world is galactic, fun, nostalgic and bright. Start with the song "Ether Drift." And oh yeah, I'd like to see a tour with Com Truise and Adventure. That would be a good one.

Com Truise plays with Neon Indian + Purity Ring at Lincoln Hall, on Friday, October 14th.


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