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French Toast are not your typical Dischord band.

January 5, 2006
Dischord's French Toast is a trio (they were long a duo, but recently added a bass player) featuring Jerry Busher (All Scars, Fugazi's "supporting" drummer and trumpeter at their live shows) on bass, drums, vocals and keyboards, and James Canty (Make-Up, Nation of Ulysses, brother of Fugazi's Brendan, etc...) on guitar, vocals, keyboards and drums. So as you can see, there's a lot of sharing going on.

Think of French Toast more as angular funk than aggressive punk. Throwing in dub, samples and horns, they couldn't be any more different than your typical "Dischord" band. Still in place, however, are the razor sharp guitars, atypical rhythms, and that raw, stripped-down sound that is decidedly D.C.

French Toast opens for Supersystem at Empty Bottle, Thursday, January 12th.


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