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Yawn aren't for those with the ZZZZZs.

August 22, 2011
Chicago's Yawn rock some seriously sticky electro pop by busting out effortlessly catchy choruses. The stickiness of their songs is accentuated by harmonious falsettos, arresting tribal rhythms, dynamic drum loops, lots of bouncy blips and, of course, a whole lot of (almost) danceable bleeps. They also throw in a little bit of 8-bit action too.

What does all of this mean? Well, it means you might be able to place Yawn into some new ALT-world-tribal-tropicalia-dream-video-pop genre. That seems to be a genre the kewl kidz could get into these days, right?

Yawn has been compared to everyone from Animal Collective (definitely) and Vampire Weekend (possibly), to Sigur Ros (not really) and The Walkmen (on some songs).

I'll throw out there that if you like Brooklyn's Keepaway (who kind of remind me of Girls), you'll probably be into Yawn too. Anyway, this is pretty good stuff.

Yawn plays Schubas, on Saturday, December 17th.


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