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The War on Drugs get a good groove going.

August 15, 2011
Philly's The War on Drugs is the work of songwriter Adam Granduciel and a whole crew of supporting band mates (is it six these days on stage?). Consider this band kind of like a hyper-Americana group, like if Tom Petty (a little Dylan, too) started incorporating all sorts of crazy reverb and swirling feedback tricks into his troubadour repertoire. It's definitely less boring than most of the Americana I can think of.

It should also be noted that The War on Drugs makes really good driving music, particularly if you are passing cactuses and canyons and things. But driving by bodegas and broken beer bottles will do just fine, too. This band really gets into a good groove that just seems to mimic the car's constant hum.

You can find The War on Drugs' mighty fine album on Secretly Canadian (Jens Lekman, Danielson, Antony), but see them live for sure. With so many members, you just know this sound is going to be bigger than what's coming out of your little record needle.

The War on Drugs play Schubas, on Friday, August 26th.


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