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Brain Idea: updated domesticed pop borrowed from a foreign country.

August 8, 2011
Brain Idea (I keep writing Brian Idea... so weird, my fingers just naturally want to go with Brian over Brain... you try it and you'll see what I mean) is a super solid band from Chicago that plays lo-fi-ish Kiwi (that's New Zealand!) influenced pop from yesteryear.

So if you like The Clean (Brain Idea have covered The Clean, so they're "in" on the influence) and The Verlaines and The Tall Dwarfs and bands like that, you'll definitely like the music these three dudes are making.

Start with their concisely perfect jam, "Now I'm Free." If that doesn't get stuck in your head for days, well, I don't know what that ultimately means for you. But I know it can't be good.

These guys have played recent shows with a bunch of bands, but we're just going to name The Fresh & Onlys and Disappears. Why only those two? Well, why not dear Rockness reader? Why not?

Brain Idea has a stellar new EP out on Mexican Summer (Real Estate, Best Coast, Kurt Vile, Washed Out and... forget it... there're too many good bands on this label). You should get it. And get into these guys.

Stopping where we started... wow, do they sound a lot like The Clean... in a good way... not in the rip-off way. Just so you know.

Brain Idea play the Empty Bottle, on Thursday, August 18th.


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