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Reggie Watts: layers upon layers upon layers.

August 8, 2011
Reggie Watts is a musician/comedian (or comedian/musician) who is quite possibly the funniest man on the planet. And he's funny on all sorts of levels. The musical loops, samples, big time beats (perhaps you saw these in action at those final LCD Soundsystem shows?) and reverb heavy vocals he incorporates into his performance are really, really funny. And his scattered, all-over-the-place delivery is extremely funny too.

But what makes Reggie Watts REALLY funny is this whole sub-layer thing he's got going on. He's basically doing a concealed shtick on being a stand-up comedian/performer, even if he'll never admit that's what he's doing. And he buries this shtick so deep into his act that you really have to dig for it to unearth the comedic jewels of the performance.

Reggie Watts disguises the parody so well many audiences may not "get it." Yet this isn't exclusionary comedy, by any means. What makes Reggie Watts' act so wonderful is that even if you don't "get" his hidden, transcendent layer of brilliance (and it IS brilliant), you'll still 100% be able to enjoy his performance; because even on the surface of things, this dude is just straight-up FUNNY.

When Reggie Watts performs in your town, you GO. I recently saw him at Highline Ballroom and my ribs and abs literally hurt for days after from laughing so hard. Seriously. It felt like I did 10,000 crunches with a barrel of bricks resting on my chest. It was worth it though. Pain never felt so inspiring.

(Reggie Watts....can I be you for a night? Just so I can know what it feels like to completely take over a room and kill 'em with comedy? Come on. Just one night. I promise I'll give you your mind and body back right after the show. What's the big deal?)

Reggie Watts does four shows total at Mayne Stage, on Friday, August 12th, and Saturday, August 13th.


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