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Iceage: the best band from Denmark since, well.....Mew?

August 1, 2011
Denmark's Iceage are three teenagers who play a furiously dark blend of hardcore-ish punk. They throw a tiny bit of no-wave action into the mix too.

The band's razor sharp, reverb-heavy songs are short (many are right around the two-minute mark) and fast, and feature lots of squealing guitar rhythms that go all unglued and stuff. It's pretty sweet.

But what makes these guys really worth seeing is that they also have a strong affinity for melody. I love when bands can totally let it rip but not forget about the melody.

Iceage's sound owes a few nods to those late '70s punk-ish bands that always remembered the melody. You know the bands. But also think Bad Brains. Think the Damned. Think a bit of the Wire. Fine, you can think about Joy Division too if you want to.

iceage should tour with Liars. That would be a dope show. Anyway, look out for these young guns... because they're gunning for YOU.

Iceage plays Empty Bottle, on Sunday, August 7th.


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