We like Mommy and Daddy and they like each other. - Oh My Rockness

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We like Mommy and Daddy and they like each other.

December 15, 2005
The coolest husband and wife team in electro-punk today (granted they are probably the only...), Mommy and Daddy could throw down with the Mates of State lovebirds and not even get a scratch. Honeys Vivian Sarrat and Edmond Hallas' marriage is based on love, a fuzzy processed bass and a beatbox. Who could ask for anything more?

Think of Vivian as Debbie Harry and Edmond as Johnny Lydon, except married and on the same stage. Not only do they share a life together, but they also share instruments and vocal duties. And while their lyrics won't have you running for a dictionary, no one ever said you had to use your brain when you shake that butt. Sassy, chic rockers who are totally in love. Is that punk rock or what?

Mommy and Daddy play Beat Kitchen, Saturday, December 17th.


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