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Cave rocks it out.

June 27, 2011
Chicago's Cave is a psych-you-up-to-rock-you-out kind of band. These guys go on long, epic jam benders that groove their way towards some sort of triumphantly distorted explosion of sound.

Definitely a guitar and drums-driven band, Cave opts for the more "rocky" than the "swirly" of many psych bands, but they do throw in a little bit of purple (or blue or green) haze.

Amongst all this ROCK, Cave also incorporates free form jazz explorations too, which takes their jam-outs into Bitches Brew-esque territories. Cave can be compared to everyone from Kraftwerk and Neu! to Oneida and Trans Am to Liars and Can. They also remind me of their city mates, Del Rey.

Anyway, if you like the psych, but prefer it with a little harder (instead of hippie) edge, Cave just might be the band for you.

Cave plays a free show in Millennium Park, on Monday, July 4th.


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