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Yvette play a most wonderous noise.

May 31, 2011
Brooklyn's Yvette is one of those wonderfully noisy bands that make you grab your temples, open your mouth, and yell "AHHHHH!" And that's a compliment. It's fun to yell "AHHHHH!" sometimes.

This duo reminds me a lot of HEALTH, for sure. And like that similarly boisterous band, there are a plethora of mighty melodies underneath this band's massive racket. We're not just talking random feedback turned up to 11 here. Anyone can do that. We're talking carefully crafted song structure, which very few can do. Yes, structure is possible (even essential) in the avant garde experimental noise genre. Believe it.

Yvette's concise-and-quick songs are deafening and distorted and drone-y and drum-y and din-y and dare I say, even kind of danceable. You can bop to this, but you better wear earplugs as you do.

Yvette has played recent shows with such clamor stars as Pterodactyl, Male Bonding, No Joy, The So So Glos and Fiasco.

Good stuff. Good band. Never has grabbing your temples, opening your mouth, and screaming "AHHHH!" been so enjoyable.

Yvette plays Panchos, on Mondday, June 6th.


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