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The Good Life play subtle, personal pop.

December 8, 2005
A vehicle for Cursive front man Tim Kasher to show off his soft-rock sensitivity, Omaha's The Good Life is the rare side-project that's probably better than the main-project. Although they still sound very much like a Saddle Creek band, The Good Life distance themselves from others on their label by taking sonic inspiration from bands like The Smiths, The Cure and other emotionally broken 80's bands.

Acoustic guitars, ethereal keyboards and even a glockenspiel quietly fuel The Good Life's highly personal pop songs. When he's on his game, Kasher's lyrical portraits of general desperation border on brilliance. If you need raw, earnest feelings in your indie rock but don't like emo, The Good Life is the band for you.

The Good Life plays Abbey Pub, with Euphone and The Narrator, Tuesday, December 13th.


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