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Reading Rainbow are Philadelphia Dreamin'.

May 23, 2011
Philadelphia's Reading Rainbow are a male/female due that rock that Mama & the Papas sun-drenched psych-pop thing. And they rock it really well.

Reading Rainbow makes me want to dive like a swan into a giant Slurpee sea. Their echo-y harmonies, sounding straight out of somewhere south of here, swirl just how you want them to swirl. Their snappy drums pop, their rhythms bop, and their quick keyboard choruses make me want to take my Big Gulp (again with the 7-11?) and head straight for the nearest Sock Hop. Good stuff, we tell you. Good stuff.

If you like Eternal Summers, Vivian Girls, Cults, Dum Dum Girls, and that one good song by that one band Black Kids who were around for that one hot minute, you will most definitely probably be into Reading Rainbow.

Oh yeah, if you're into summer, you'll be into Reading Rainbow too. But that's dumb, because who isn't into summer?! You're one cold-hearted penguin if you aren't into summer. Check out Reading Rainbow's recent 7" on Hozac Records (Woven Bones, The Smith Westerns). And, of course, catch them play.

Reading Rainbow play The Velvet Perineum, on Saturday, May 28th.


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