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The massive maturation of The Appleseed Cast

December 1, 2005
The Appleseed Cast used to be a mediocre emo band high on the guilty-pleasure tip. I knew when I was listening to, and loving, their first album, End of the Ring Wars, that I shouldn't be into it unless I was in Driver's Ed and toting a JanSport. The Lawrence, KS band started out as the typical emo band -- you could imagine the singer tearing off his shirt in torment as he sang out pages from his tear-stained diary. I knew I shouldn't like this stuff, but I did.

After that first album, however, all guilt associated with The Appleseed Cast was laid to rest forever. They became a better band. Their subsequent releases, culminating in the most recent, Two Conversations, documented the band's path to growth, maturity, and development of a sound less like Mineral and more like an experimental U2 (ok, not a great example to back up my "no guilt" claim... but damn it if the Cast's guitars didn't come to sound JUST like The Edge's.)

One of my favorite shows of CMJ two years ago was Appleseed Cast playing a half hour set of all their hits. And it's funny, I looked around the crowd and there was not a high school kid in site.

The Appleseed Cast play Beat Kitchen, Saturday, December 3rd.


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